Want to be Happy?  Slow Down! 

 "It so often happens that somebody says 'change your life' and you repaint our car rather than re-wire the engine."  Pick Iyer 

Slow Travel (Huffington Post)

I loved this piece on this couple's slow journey. Again, discard what you don't need, a live your life slowly and with intention.  Start with Slow Stitching!

OMGosh! DMC THREADS did a piece on Slow Stitching! I'm FLOORED and so jazzed. We're onto something folks!  Take a look: http://dmc-threads.com/slow-stitching-movement/

The Disease of Being Busy

How did we create a world in which we have more and more and more to do with less time for leisure, less time for reflection, less time for community, less time to just… be?


This is Your Brain on Knitting (CNN)

Crafting can hel​p those w​ho suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain, experts say.​​